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“…Her music is unhackneyed, melodic, welcoming.  She spins out long graceful lines that aren’t four-bar modules copied from other pianists.  She has her own voice, or I should say, “voices.”  The performances often begin with a simple melodic motif set over a clear, swinging rhythmic foundation . . . and they transparently show off her…


2018.7.7(Saturday) Don’t Miss This! THE ODD HAWK ORCHESTRA @ National Sawdust   2018.7.2(Monday) Don’t Miss This! Andrea Balducci Trio @ Antique Garage(Tribeca)    – Andrea Balducci: Vocal, Marco Panascia: Bass, Jinjoo Yoo: Piano p.m.7:00- 10:00, No Cover ( 2018.6.30(Saturday) Richard Thai Trio @Tomi Jazz    – Richard Thai: Sax, Dustin Kiselbach: Bass, Jinjoo Yoo: Piano    – 6:00-7:30 p.m….

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Blullaby (Composed by Jinjoo Yoo) Jinjoo Yoo(Piano), Neal Miner(Bass), Jimmy Wormworth(Drums)     To Barry With Love (Composed by Jinjoo Yoo) via Jinjoo’s Music

Jinjoo Yoo

Photo By Jackson Notier # 1986 Wine Lounge Presents….. Jinjoo Yoo with Vocalists! # Jinjoo You on Jazz Radio “Frankie Sticks Show!” (2017.7.19) Frank Levatino, who is a host drummer of Arturo’s and well-known with his swinging drum style, invited Jinjoo Yoo as a guest for his radio show( to talk about jazz and life….