Jinjoo Yoo

Photo By Jackson Notier

# 1986 Wine Lounge Presents….. Jinjoo Yoo with Vocalists!


# Jinjoo You on Jazz Radio “Frankie Sticks Show!” (2017.7.19)

Frank Levatino, who is a host drummer of Arturo’s and well-known with his swinging drum style, invited Jinjoo Yoo as a guest for his radio show(http://www.cityworldradio.com/events/the-frankie-sticks-show/) to talk about jazz and life. Attached below is the recorded show.  Frank introduced three songs played by Jinjoo Yoo, <The Seer>, <Honeysuckle Rose>, <Take the A train>. You can enjoy them too, if you click “Jinjoo’s Music” menu.


# Jinjoo Yoo on <Italytime presents “Tribute to Duke Ellington”> show (2017.7.26)

“A new event at italytime’s Cultural Center where young musicians and guests will have the chance to celebrate another Master who contributed to the development of Jazz music. This appointment of the “Celebrating…” series will be focused on Duke Ellington, one of the most popular jazz musicians and composers who ever lived.”






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