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“…Her music is unhackneyed, melodic, welcoming.  She spins out long graceful lines that aren’t four-bar modules copied from other pianists.  She has her own voice, or I should say, “voices.”  The performances often begin with a simple melodic motif set over a clear, swinging rhythmic foundation . . . and they transparently show off her…

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      Genealogy (Composed by Jinjoo Yoo) Videography by _ Jackson Notier Jinjoo Yoo(Piano), Kihong Jang(Guitar), Neal Miner(Bass), Jimmy Wormworth(Drums) Jinjoo Yoo’s composition “Genealogy” will be included in jazz guitarist Kihong Jang’s debut album. Please stay tuned for more videos! via Jinjoo’s Music

Jinjoo Yoo

Photo By Jackson Notier # 1986 Wine Lounge Presents….. Jinjoo Yoo with Vocalists! # Jinjoo You on Jazz Radio “Frankie Sticks Show!” (2017.7.19) Frank Levatino, who is a host drummer of Arturo’s and well-known with his swinging drum style, invited Jinjoo Yoo as a guest for his radio show( to talk about jazz and life….