Jinjoo Yoo Interview by AFM 

: International Musician Magazine /December 2018 Issue

Interview with AFM

*Full text is available here – (


Jinjoo Yoo Interview by Korean Art Magazine 예술세계(Art World)

한국예총 예술세계 매거진 인터뷰 (Vol.259, 2018 4.5.6)


*Full text is available here 인터뷰 전문 -( or (

Italian Newspaper Americana Oggi: Jinjoo Yoo on <Italytime presents “Tribute to Duke Ellington”> show (2017.7.26)

“A new event at italytime’s Cultural Center where young musicians and guests will have the chance to celebrate another Master who contributed to the development of Jazz music. This appointment of the “Celebrating…” series will be focused on Duke Ellington, one of the most popular jazz musicians and composers who ever lived.”








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