Jinjoo Featured in AFM(Local802) Magazine

Interview with American Federation of Musicians (Local 802) Jinjoo Yoo Featured in International Musician Magazine /December 2018 Issue *Full text is available here – (https://internationalmusician.org/jinjoo-yoo-pianist-thrives-in-the-jazz-world/)


Debut EP <I’m Curious> is now available in Korean Music Websites! (December, 2018) Distributed by Monday Brunch(먼데이 브런치, http://www.mondaybrunch.co.kr) Jinjoo Yoo’s Debut EP is now available for MP3 download and streaming service. 1.NAVER MUSIC 네이버뮤직 https://music.naver.com/album/index.nhn?albumId=2728951 2.MELON 멜론 https://www.melon.com/album/detail.htm?albumId=10233829 3.GENIE 지니뮤직 http://www.genie.co.kr/detail/albumInfo?axnm=81139269   First EP(Debut Album)  has just released!!! (Feb 25th,

Check Out New Videos!

Genealogy (Composed by Jinjoo Yoo) Videography by _ Jackson Notier Jinjoo Yoo(Piano), Kihong Jang(Guitar), Neal Miner(Bass), Jimmy Wormworth(Drums) Jinjoo Yoo’s composition “Genealogy” is included in jazz guitarist Kihong Jang’s debut album, <They Brough A New Kind Of Music To Me>.  2. Goldfish, Goldfish! (Composed by Jinjoo Yoo) Videography by _ Jackson

Jinjoo Yoo on Jazz Radio

# Jinjoo You returns to the New York City Jazz Radio “Frankie Sticks Show!” (2018.2.18) Jazz Drummer Franke Sticks Show invites Jinjoo Yoo again to the studio to introduce her Album <I’m Curious>. Jinjoo Yoo’s compositions “Blullaby” and “Dizzy Blossom” are featured in this show. Jinjoo Yoo explains the meaning and

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